Our Open Days to mid-December 2020 are available, for pre-booked visitors. See our “Visit us” page.

Romsey Signal Box is building from around 1865 and a working museum which gives an insight into the life of a railway signalman. Visitors of all ages can get a “hands on” experience by operating points, clearing signals and ringing bells to control a simulation of trains passing through Romsey.
As well as the main attraction, the site has visitor centres containing restored artefacts, photographs and information about the history of the restoration. There are also picnic and garden areas.
There are modest charges to enter the site, the funds from which are used to continue with our restoration projects.
The site is accessible by wheelchair, although the working floor of the signalbox can only be accessed by climbing the authentic steps. However, a CCTV link has been established linking the box to the pavilion for wheelchair users and visitors who are not confident using stairs.